Mattresses production

Each Renato Nisi’s product is made entirely by qualified personnel within the Italian factory.

The Company carefully follows the entire production cycle of the mattresses, starting from the choice of certified raw materials, above all regarding the fabrics and polyurethane plates, and from the careful monitoring the origin and the provenience of them.

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Our team consists of experienced and skilled craftsmen. Under their supervision, high-definition cutting machines for fabrics and quilting machines of the latest generation realize semi-finished items with stitching and decorations from the original and elegant design.

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Along the complete automatic line of border machines, the mattresses are assembled with precision and attention to detail. The finished articles are placed in an intermediate stores with balers capable of wrapping up to 800 mattresses per day.

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The finished products are then placed in the storage section waiting to be delivered to customers throughout Italy and abroad.

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