Mechanical production

It’s been 40 years that the firm Renato Nisi treats with precision and attention all production stages of the product to the sale, assisting with the utmost professionalism and reliability the demands of its customers.
The raw material purchased is equipped with all international certifications and, in our structures, is transformed through processes constantly subjected to quality control. Therefore, the manufactured items will be innovative and completely Made in Italy.

The processing steps are:

The latest generation of numerical control cutting machines, ensuring a pinpoint accuracy in the process.

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Mechanical presses uses for each components some special moulds called "pace", fed by unwinding at numerical control.

The welding is performed in an automated way, using sophisticated robots which perform great precision welds.

In the phosphorous-degreasing tunnels, the hot water is sprayed at high pressure on all networks and mechanisms. With this process the industrial grease is eliminated, in the way to guarantee uniform painting without imperfections.

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The lacquering system is fully automated: dispensers of electrostatic powder paint move from top to bottom at the passage of each single piece to ensure an uniform coating on all parts.

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The company does directly the majority of deliveries with own trucks and specialized personnel. For foreign deliveries it uses external couriers.

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